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Each month, PLT staff compiles a list of grant opportunities, contests, webinars, professional development opportunities, interactive models, videos, and other multimedia tools to help educators conduct PLT activities in new and creative ways. Choose “Resources” on the sidebar to the right to access them.

Submit workshop registration/participation information electronically DURING or FOLLOWING your PLT workshop. 


Submit your workshop registration form using this fillable form, then save as a pdf and email to the workshop facilitator. 


Interested in becoming a PLT Workshop Facilitator? Consider sharing your passion for education and the environment with educators who will then use  PLT materials to help future decision makers learn how to think, not what to think about our complex environment. Become an adult educator!

Learn how to facilitate workshops for adult learners while sharing your experiences and expertise.

  • Become a valued volunteer who is familiar with the programs and mission of the Colorado State Forest Service.
  • Gain leadership and professional development skills.
  • Gain knowledge of environmental education, natural resource programs and agencies.
  • Learn about and make contacts in your community.
  • Contribute to the strength and growth of the PLT program in Colorado and nationally.

Please contact us or fill out the application survey below.  We will then determine if your experiences, location, availability and professional goals meet our needs at this time.  If so, you will be invited to join us for our next training.  We will contact you either way. Thanks so much for your commitment to great education, our environment, and kids!

Facilitator Job Description

Facilitator Application survey

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PLT and Education Standards

PLT Standards reverse_correlation_3_5_la_combined

PLT Standards reverse_correlation_6_8_la_combined

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Correlation Standards PLT and ela_common_core

Correlation Standards reverse PLT and math_k_8_reverse_correlation

Correlation Standards. PLT and Math_common_core

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Correlation Standards.common_core_ela_forests_of_the_world

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Intro PLT Modules & ELA Common Core Standards

Intro PLT PreK-8 & ELA Common Core Standards


PLT and STEM  

PLT has included technology concepts in its lessons since its inception, and our skills index was implemented in the 20th century! See examples of how PLT complements your efforts to ensure STEM is in your classroom using design challenges and biomimicry.

download Design Challenges pdf

download Biomimicry pdf

Want PLT Secondary Materials But Can’t Find A Workshop When You Need One? 

We are experimenting with independent study opportunities to provide access to our wonderful secondary modules. These materials are too valuable to be sitting on shelves waiting until enough educators find out about, register for and attend a traditional interactive workshop!

download Independent Study application


Educators and Youth Pages from Colorado State Forest Service

American Forest Foundation’s Your Week in Trees