This online workshop is specially designed to help you:

  • Engage your students in learning about the environment—both outside and indoors
  • Make learning and teaching fun with hands-on activities
  • Teach core subjects (especially STEM, reading, writing, and social studies)
  • Meet academic standards (including Common Core and the Next Generation Science Standards)
  • Easily incorporate lessons into your existing curriculum or nonformal education programs
  • Become eligible to apply for a PLT GreenWorks! grant to fund a service-learning project for your students

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In order to receive recertification credit and other benefits*,  it is necessary to complete an additional 3 hour face-to- face or virtual synchronous experience with other educators, facilitators, and/or natural resource professionals in your backyard, school yard, or nearby open space!  This will include participation in additional PLT activities,  with more Colorado resources, materials, field trips, service projects, webinars and/or conference calls!   For more information or to sign up for this, email the PLT program: to register your interest.  We’ll contact you to arrange a convenient time  to meet when we have several other educators also ready to participate.  The other participants might be in your neighborhood or across the state, experiencing and sharing with you different ecosystems, weather conditions, habitats!  All will have recently completed the online PLT workshop!  Contact us for details!

*Additional benefits for completing the Colorado Follow up workshop:

Eligibility to apply for Colorado’s Free Trees for PLT Teachers program.

Additional support materials, discounted PLT workshops, “fabulous” prizes!

Click here for more information and to register!