Curriculum Materials:  How to Think, not What to Think…..

 For Early Childhood Educators 

Our Early Childhood program, Environmental Experiences for Early Childhood, has earned TTASC approval (Trainer/Training Approval System of Colorado) for Qualistar and is a Colorado Department of Education approved Early Childhood Training!    The activity guide is also available in Spanish: Proyecto Aprendiendo del Árbol: Experiencias ambientales para la primera infancia.  To schedule a workshop in Spanish, contact us.   Workshop hours are accepted CEUs for ECE annual licensing requirement.


For PreK-8 Educators

For Secondary Educators

Energy & Society Kit

GreenSchools Investigations

Standards Correlations  (NGSS, Common Core, C3 Social Studies, Head Start, NAEYC, NAAEE, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts)

Colorado Academic Standards

Colorado Academic Standards

Project Learning Tree® is the environmental education program of the American Forest Foundation and is a program of the Colorado State Forest Service, in the Warner College of Natural Resources at Colorado State University.