Grands in Grand Lake


Shadowcliff Lodge

Grand Lake, CO

This workshop is a 3 day workshop.


Wednesday, September 6, 2017 - Begin: 6:00 pm
Thursday, September 7, 2017
Friday, September 8, 2017 - End: 12:00 noon


Grandparents in Grand Lake is an educational retreat at Shadowcliff, a rustic and charming lodge nestled on the western side of Rocky Mt. National Park.  Share stories and memories of how you played and learned outdoors as a child, and benefited from natural play and exploration.


Learn strategies and tools to immerse and engage children in the wonders of nature in ways that also improve school readiness and academic achievement-without the use of electronic screens!


Experience a fun, hands-on workshop that explores  developmentally appropriate activities, snacks, children’s literature, crafts, music and natural materials.  Help our next environmental stewards develop real experiences from which to make informed decisions when they grow up.


Grandparents in Grand Lake is for adults only! Leave the young sprouts at home while you learn how to engage them in inexpensive, entertaining, meaningful, ways in your backyard, neighborhood park or open area.


Activities are most appropriate for ages 2-12, but developing a love and respect for nature is ageless!



Registration information coming soon.

To get more information by email, contact: www.shadowcliff.org/grandparents

Questions? Contact Shawna Crocker, scrocker@colostate.edu or call 303-278-8822.