Welcome Facilitators

Before the workshop: 


  • Colorado School of Mines Course Application –this form is to request approval for graduate level, recertification credit issued by CSM.  It is to be submitted to the PLT coordinator who submits it to CSM at least 2 months in advance. Workshops must be 7.5 hours long.  Other higher education institutions may also be contacted for credit (Adams State College, Ft. Lewis College, Colorado State University. 


During the Workshop


  • Facilitator Coversheet this captures your information and details of the workshop: number of participants, activity guides distributed, etc.
  • Registration Form this will serve as a backup datasheet to capture participant  information (6 people/side).  
  • Participant Information Form –this form is to be filled out by each workshop participant. It will be submitted to the National PLT Office, and to CSU. 
  • Online workshop registrationIn addition to filling out these registration documents, participants are expected to go to www.plt.org, create a free account, and electronically register their workshop.
  • Participant Survey Form copy this 1/2 page sheet onto the back of the Participant Information Form.
  • Return Paperwork Checklist this form will remind you of the paperwork to be used and returned.
  • Hike the PLT Webpage 3-25-18 this assignment may be sent out ahead of the workshop to familiarize participant with the PLT and CSFS webpages, saving time in the workshop, and creating anticipation.  It requires the use of the internet. 
  • CAEE Free Membership this form may be copied to give to each participant in your workshop. It provides a free Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education membership for 1 year.
  • Workshop Accounting Form use this form to account for any cash or checks collected at the workshop for workshop payment or credit.
  • CSM Credit Form this form is to be filled out by the participant  at the workshop and included in the returned immedieately with a tuition check made out for $40 to CSM to the PLT coordinator.  The issuing of credit is time sensitive.




After the Workshop


  • Workshop Accounting Form -use this form to account for any cash or checks collected at the workshop for workshop payment or credit.
  • Blank W-9  -if you are facilitating as a volunteer and would like to receive a stipend for your mileage and expenses, CSU requires this form.  Print it, fill out the first page, sign and send to PLT coordinator. This may be scanned and emailed after signing.
  • Facilitator Financial Documentation-NEW -fill out the top section; for the question about Business Size, check Other (individual) and skip down to Certification at the bottom. Sign, return this to the PLT coordinator (may be scanned and emailed) who will submit it to CSU when stipend payments are requested. 


Workshop Support (You many first need to save these on desktop then open)

For New E-Unit Workshops:

*Printed versions of 3-5 and 5-8 E-Unit tutorials (available in Tools tab in tutorial)

*Powerpoint presentations

*Sample Outcome Based Agendas:


*Workshop planning documents (first save on desktop then open):


Logos for Fliers (PLT, CSFS, SFI)

Flier Template  ECE

Flier Template  General  Color

Flier Template  General  Black and White