PLT and Drones

PLT and Drones
PLT activities often engage students in collecting and analyzing landscape data.

Project Learning Tree’s Texas partners have identified activities that can be enhanced with the use of data collected by drones. Professors and students at the Stephen F. Austin State University College of Agriculture and Forestry have historically relied on drones to perform research on individual tree health and hazard assessment. Educators found that images taken using the DJI Phantom P3 were just as reliable as in-person observations and particularly useful in urban forest assessments. The correlations  below resulted from a special initiative that emphasized using drones for educational programs.

The following PLT activities involve the collection and analysis of landscape data that students can either capture themselves with drone technology or  extrapolate from existing drone-captured footage.

Activity 22: Trees as Habitat Activity 36: Pollution Search     

Activity 9: Planet Diversity Activity 21: Adopt A Tree    

Activity 46: Schoolyard Safari Activity 47: Are Vacant Lots Vacant?    

Activity 48: Field, Forest, and Stream Activity 71: Watch on Wetlands

Activity 80: Nothing Succeeds Like Succession Activity 88: Life on the Edge