Explore Your Environment K-8 Activity Guide

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Access Resources for PLT Lessons

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Nature Activities for Families

A collection of fun, easy-to-do outdoor activities for families. Project Learning Tree’s Nature Activities for Families contains over 30 FREE downloadable activities developed from PLT’s award winning curriculum. Suitable for youth ages 3-15, these activities can be completed at local parks, in your own backyard, and around the home.


Sounds Around (grades 4-8)

Nature provides us with many unforgettable sounds, from leaves rustling to birds singing to streams gurgling. Discover how to engage children in the sounds of nature with the Sounds Around free activity for families from Project Learning Tree.

The Shape of Things (grades PreK-3)

Many shapes are found in both natural and built environments. Learn how to teach children to focus on the shapes of objects with The Shape of Things free activity for families from Project Learning Tree.

The Closer You Look (grades PreK-6)

All children, no matter their age, have an idea of what a tree looks like, but many are unfamiliar with the actual structure of a tree. Bring kids outside to take a closer look at trees and their parts with The Closer You Look free activity for families from Project Learning Tree.)

PLT Family Activity: Looking at Leaves (grades 4-8)

Are leaves ever hairy? Do they have teeth? Take a closer look at leaves and find out more about leaf characteristics and how leaves can be used to identify plants with the Looking at Leaves free activity for families from Project Learning Tree.

Virtual Resources

Explore Project Learning Tree resources that you can use directly with students for online and remote instruction.

PLT Virtual Resources

PLT in Action

These PLT with students videos ,which show educators leading PLT activities with groups of students, are a great way to see PLT in action!

The Colorado Branch is our monthly enewsletter that contains great information about Colorado PLT happenings. Learn about upcoming trainings, educator tips, and valuable resources from this award winning environmental education program.