PLT Advisory Council

The Colorado PLT Advisory Council represents a diverse range of stakeholders who are committed to environmental education, including formal and non-formal educators, higher education, conservation organizations and outreach professionals. It serves to provide strategic direction, support the state coordinators, and increase awareness and visibility of PLT. It’s 8-15 members serve a commitment of three years.

Responsibilities of the Council

  • Provide Strategic Direction: Advancing PLT’s mission, the council uses a holistic systems thinking approach that considers interdependent factors to set COPLT priorities and ensure a sustainable program in a dynamic environment.
  • Support the State Coordinators: Providing advisory guidance for the program which includes being a sounding board for ideas, making recommendations, providing key information and materials, promoting PLT to educators, and advising on sustainable funding models.
  • Increase Awareness and Visibility of PLT: Serving as ambassadors, council members promote the program among their diverse contacts, ensuring PLT exposure to various sectors.

Interested in joining? Contact Danielle Ardrey for more information – or 970-732-0569.