Curriculum Materials:  How to Think, not What to Think…..

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For Early Childhood Educators (and online ECE workshop)

Our Early Childhood program, Environmental Experiences for Early Childhood, has earned TTASC approval (Trainer/Training Approval System of Colorado) for Qualistar and is a Colorado Department of Education approved Early Childhood Training!   

The activity guide is also available in Spanish: Proyecto Aprendiendo del Árbol: Experiencias ambientales para la primera infancia.  To schedule a workshop in Spanish, contact us.

Workshop hours are accepted CEUs for ECE annual licensing requirement.

For PreK-8 Educators (and online PreK-8 workshop)

For Secondary Educators

Energy & Society Kit

GreenSchools Investigations (and online GreenSchools workshop)


Standards Correlations  (NGSS, Common Core, C3 Social Studies, Head Start, NAEYC, NAAEE, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts)

Colorado Academic Standards

Colorado Academic Standards

Project Learning Tree® is the environmental education program of the American Forest Foundation and is a program of the Colorado State Forest Service, in the Warner College of Natural Resources at Colorado State University.